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Bako Diagnostics is a provider of diagnostic and therapeutic services with a unique focus on the skin, nail, soft tissue and bone of the lower extremity. Our comprehensive testing menu includes ENFD Analysis, Mass Spectrometry, for rapid identification of bacteria from culture specimens, and Molecular Genetics for the detection of micro-organisms and as a diagnostic aid in certain pathologic diagnoses. BakoDx in-network services are available through our more than 250 million covered lives, including all five national health plans, and fully compliant patient-friendly billing policies.  Over the past eleven years, BakoDx has evolved into one of the podiatric profession’s principal sources of educational sponsorship. 

Bako Diagnostics, your professional partner for disease diagnostics and management!  For more information, call us at 855-422-5628 or visit


Everwell Specialty Pharmacy is a unique pharmacy. While we do offer regular prescriptions just like you can get at the big-box pharmacies on every corner, what makes us special is our ability to work with physicians to take on hard-to-treat conditions, create individualized treatments and, in many cases, produce life changing results. Sometimes the one-size-fits-all medication isn’t able to help every patient. After all, every patient is different. We have pharmacists and pharmacy educators that will work with physicians to create individualized solutions in our specialty compounding pharmacy. Our pharmacy has its own lab on the premises. You can walk in our front door and see our lab techs working hard behind the glass to create an innovative difference making treatments for our patients around the country. After patients receive their medication we follow up with them to answer any questions, track progress and make sure we are doing everything in our power for the patient to receive an optimal result. We are a pharmacy who cares about getting the best results for our patients.


Founded by podiatrists, for podiatrists, Podiatry Insurance Company of America (PICA) is the nation's leading provider of medical professional liability insurance for podiatric physicians. For over 37 years, we have provided medical professional liability coverage while supporting and enhancing the podiatric profession through sponsorships, risk management seminars and annual scholarships for podiatric medical students, to name a few. We offer a variety of discounts, such as part-time, new practitioner, risk management, non-surgical and leave of absence, other insurance products through ProAssurance Agency, outstanding customer service and expert claims handling with a seasoned team of specifically approved defense counsel. PICA is committed to protecting and supporting podiatric physicians in every aspect of their practices. We’re with you. Every step of the way. 

PICA is recognized by the GPMA as the exclusive professional liability sponsor of the 22nd Annual Georgia Summit.


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Located in Memphis, TN, CrossRoads Extremity Systems designs, manufactures, and markets implant systems for foot and ankle surgery. Our goal is to provide a steady rhythm of novel and clinically relevant new products that distinguish us from other companies.

 Tenex Health focuses on delivering healthier and more pain-free lifestyles for active patients. We are able to achieve this by providing healthcare professionals with a cutting edge, minimally invasive technology that eliminates chronic tendon pain, precisely targeting and removing damaged tissue, without the need for conventional surgery.